Current Policies for Re-Opening



We will be re-opening for annual wellness visits as of May 18th, 2020. In order to safely re-open during the current situation, we kindly request your cooperation with our updated policies to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of our office staff.


    • Only the patient will be allowed to enter into the office at the time of their scheduled appointment. All non-patient relatives are requested to wait in their vehicle.
    • The patient must be wearing a face mask prior to entering the office, and have it on at all times.
    • You must inform our staff if you may have been exposed to a known COVID- 19 positive individual, have recently traveled, or experienced any symptoms related to COVID-19. Your honesty in this situation is crucial to ensure your own safety, and the safety of others who may be more at-risk of COVID-19 complications.

Our current plan for re-opening includes the policies above, but as the COVID-19 situation evolves, there may be new updates on our policies. All updates will be posted on this page.

Due to the CDC’s guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be continuing tele-visits for all other necessary appointments.

You can schedule a tele-visit by calling our office at (480)-786-9084 or by sending a portal message in our Patient Portal, requesting to schedule a visit.

More information about the patient portal can be found on the Patient Portal page.


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